Sinergise Ltd., a GIS company building advanced solutions for management of spatial data announced a new reseller partnership with Geospatial Enabling Technologies Ltd. (GET). As part of this alliance, GET, GeoInformatics solutions provider based on open standards, open and free software and open data, will continue to develop Sinergise’s idea and offer award-winning Sentinel-Hub services to customers in Greece and Cyprus.

Sinergise offers a satellite image web services for seamless integration of open Earth Observation (EO) data (Sentinel-2, Landsat, etc.) in any web, desktop or mobile GIS application. Their combination of software engineering skills and domain knowledge makes it possible to focus on parts of the process, which bring highest added value to the customer. Matched with GET, leading provider of GeoInformatics solutions, EO industry gain a number of competitive advantages. With GET’s expertise and derived solutions customers will benefit from a tailored approach and new EO solutions on various fields (Governmental, Environment and Nature, Energy, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Tourism and Culture, Real Estate).

“A revolution is happening in Earth Observation. With enormous amount of data being available, large part of it free, there are unlimited possibilities out there to address various user cases. Sentinel Hub represents a part of this process, but there is a lot more to be done, too much for one company.” said Grega Milcinski, managing director at Sinergise. “There are many issues yet to be solved and successful businesses that can solve them by using Earth Observation data yet to be created. We see GET as one of them.”

Sinergise is offering open satellite imagery data fully accessible and useful for companies and individuals by hiding complexity of archiving and processing petabytes of data and dealing with multi-sensor and multi-temporal data. They offer a perfect easy-to-use tool which provides fast integration into any existing GIS and improves organisation’s efficiency.

“We are very excited about the promise both companies are committed to fulfilling through this partnership,” explained Gabriel Mavrellis, managing director at GET. “Our solutions will extend the possibilities Sentinel Hub is offering. By not starting from scratch we will save the money and valuable time, concentrate on added value services and applications, and bring the focus on our customers’ needs. Our GETOpenData platform will explore in its maximum the value of this unique service that Sinergise is offering.”

Sentinel Hub provides unprecedented access to earth observation data, focused on Sentinel satellites but also supporting other sources such as Landsat, Planet and others. It uses Amazon Web Services cloud and innovative methods to efficiently process and distribute data in a matter of seconds. It can be integrated into any mapping application for web application allowing for any easy-to-use and cost-effective way to exploit the data. It removes the major hassle of downloading, archiving and processing petabytes of data and simply makes the full and global archive easily available immediately via web services. Application developers can focus on added value services and end-user applications rather than having to deal with the complexity of remote sensing data. Sentinel Hub will increase the uptake of the Copernicus programme.

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