GEOSPATIAL ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES in cooperation with ITC, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente – Enschede – The Netherlands organizing on the 27th, 28th and 29th of November 2017, a three days training seminar regarding “Cropland mapping from free multi-temporal satellite images”.

Training seminar subject:
Population growth is a phenomenon of modern times, posing a significant burden on food stocks globally and creating urgent need for the development of sustainable agriculture management and monitoring programs. Towards this direction, effective methodologies for cropland mapping consist the solution for sustainable agricultural practices application. The increased spatial and temporal analysis of globally available satellite images create new perspectives for the creation of reliable information concerning cropland areas.
Under this framework, the training seminar concentrates into cropland areas mapping with the use of multi-temporal satellite images. Participants will have the opportunity to see, guided by experts, in theoretical and practical level, contemporary tools for cropland classification with the use of free available Sentinel-2 data of Copernicus program and Landsat as well as open source software for data editing. Access into satellite data will be made via OGC services offering by getopendata platform. Objective of satellite images editing will be the advanced use of supervised and unsupervised classification in real example cases. More analytically, participants will be trained for:

  • Sentinel-2 or/and Landsat data integration into QGIS free software
  • Spatial and temporal analysis of satellite images in QGIS
  • Supervised and unsupervised classification with K-means clustering techniques and Random Trees, RF in R free programming environment
  • Classification results publication as mapping service in GET SDI Portal.

Additionally, participants will have the chance to get familiar with services offered by getopendata platform, such as searching, view and download of satellite data with selected by the user criteria, e.g. time period search, atmospheric correction activation, multiple bands selection, cloud coverage selection, etc.), as well as statistical information export for time series data. Moreover, an overview of basic functions of open source web mapping GET SDI Portal such as mapping, downloading, analysis, queries and data.

The training seminar is addressed to:
The seminar is addressed to professionals, executives in public or private sector, as well as students, in the field of Geo-Informatics, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Geography, Geology, Environment and Earth Observation Science.


  • 3 days
  • 6 hours per day with breaks for coffee and snacks, 10.00 – 17.00.

Conditions for participation:

  • The participants must have basic knowledge of the QGIS software
  • During the three days of the seminar, each participant must have a laptop in which he/she must have installed the required open source software:

The seminar will take place in suitably prepared room in si-cluster premises, 44 Kifisias Avenue, Monumental Plaza, Building Γ, 15125 Maroussi, Athens, Attica, Greece.


  • All participants will receive a seminar attendance certification by the ITC, Faculty of Geo-Informatics Science and Earth Observation of Twente University
  • All participants will have free access to GETOpenData service for 20 days

The cost for participation at the 3days conference is 200 euros plus VAT 24%.

  • The students will have a 20% discount
  • The first ten who will express their interest will have a 15% discount

Expression of Interest:
Please express your interest for your participation until the 3rd of November 2017 using the web form here.

  • For the registration process an email will be sent with further details to every person who has filled in the above mentioned expression of interest form.
  • The registration will be confirmed with the payment of the 50% of total cost.
  • The number of participants will be limited and a order of priority will be kept.

For further information please contact us:
Geospatial Enabling Technologies
Telephone: 0030 210 6664192, 0030 210 6663970
Email: [email protected]