We give added value to spatial information through:

Open knowledge and Sharing

We support open knowledge, open source, open standards and open data and we are one of the first companies in Greece investing in the above via research and project implementation.

Our Integrity          

We design and implement successfully and on time solutions and projects according to technical requirements and needs of our customers and partners.


Our Quality

Our technical capacity, experience and desire for the best implementation of a project, which will be an investment with value for our customer, are driving forces for high quality in providing services.

Our identification

Our executives share GET’s vision and mission acting always for the benefit of the company and its clients. GET is identifying with its customers having as always as a goal to cover their needs and requirements.

Our teamwork

Apart from the teamwork spirit, we believe that we are members of a team with our partners and our customers giving our best effort for providing services.

Our aspiration for Continuous Improvement

The key for success is to be able to keep pace with the rapid developments in technology, to upgrade our solutions and to adapt to new trends.


Investing time and energy, we design and develop innovative application and business models providing new solutions to partners, customers and end users.