GET has Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 standards. Certified since 2010, GET applies ISO 9001 standards during its daily processes ensuring the highest quality level regarding services, software developed (e.g. GET SDI Portal) as well as remote hosting services for infrastructures, applications and data offered in the most reliable way. GET is certified by the EUROPEAN INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATION COMPANY (EUROCERT).

GET has an Information Security Management System in accordance with the standards of ISO 27001. This Information Security Management System is the basis for compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 679/2016, while proving that internal information security controls are carried out and the relevant legislation and regulations are implemented. GET is certified by the AXIA CERT Certification Body.


The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) is a professional industrial body (trade association) with the mission to foster growth of the Earth-observation (EO) services sector.
The full members of EARSC are companies supplying services in the growing market for the exploitation of EO data. Their main activities are acquiring and supplying data from satellite or airborne platforms and /or their conversion into geo-information products suitable and accessible for their clients.

si-cluster is a dynamic and continuously developing innovation industry cluster in the field of space technology and applications in Greece. GET contributes to Si-cluster mission with the design and development of open data management and development policy and the development of application based on the “exploitation” of satellite data with the use of open standards and open source software.

Recognizing the value of space industry and its application for many of the economy and society sectors, Hellenic Association of Space Industry aims to maximize the Hellenic Industrial participation to a very important space program of Europe Union and of counties outside the European Space Organization, contributing to the Greek industry and research development with the development of new applications and products.

Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster was formed in 2022, contributing to the creation of a dynamic Greek IoT ecosystem and speed up the adoption of IoT in Greece. The Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster focuses on Internet of Things technologies to introduce new business models, improve the delivery of services, increase efficiency in production, and to enhance wellbeing and integrated services. On behalf of our Cluster members, we drive business, policy, research and innovation development in IoT, Edge Computing and other converging technologies across the Digital Value Chain to support digitization and competitiveness in Europe. Uni Systems is the supporting body of the Cluster which consists of research centers, university institutions, large and small and medium-sized companies with specific know-how as well as start-ups. In this context, each member has its own, significant role in the ecosystem, supporting it through a range of extensive synergies.

The Disaster Resilience Innovation Cluster – Defkalion (DRIC Defkalion) is the first coordinated, interdisciplinary and innovative collaborative action in Greece in the critical field of protection against environmental risks. DRIC Defkalion aims to bring together under the same umbrella businesses, research organizations and technology companies active in the field of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development to market innovative products and services, as well as research results with the ultimate goal to effectively manage and deal with natural disasters, environmental crises and civil protection emergencies for a healthy and safe environment and to achieve long-term sustainability.

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