Earth Observation

Our occupation with Earth Observation sector aims to achieve the most effective management of satellite data via electronic services as well as their use in vertical applications in artificial intelligence sectors and machine learning, Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar applications and environmental monitoring.

We build upon Copernicus program which provides free access to Sentinel Satellite data as well as many other niche products which permit continuous and over time monitoring of natural ecosystem (ground, sea and atmosphere) and at the same time we provide access also into data from commercial satellites if the free data do not fully cover the needs of the application.

In the field which concerns most effective management of satellite data via electronic services as well as their use in vertical applications, we provide the subscription service GETOpenData ( GETOpenData service is based on the awarded Sinergise’s Sentinel-Hub platform which makes the use of Sentinel satellite data direct via OGC web services (view, download). The user has access to these data by using WMS and WMCS, which can be exploited with any GIS software or with GET SDI Portal, the free and open source tool for geospatial data web diffusion we develop.
In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning sector, we use a large volume of free provided Sentinel data by Copernicus system, which are collected daily, for solving problems requiring a lot of process and time by human, by exploiting engine support. This solution massively provides the capacity to detect land use changes in time series of big volume satellite imagery (e.g. Sentinel-2), in a very simple, effective and successful way. Analysis result is diffused through web mapping contemporary tools, following standards and methodology implied by Inspire and PSI Directives leading to the substantiated decision making in almost real time via contemporary tools (dashboards)
In Synthetic Aperture Radar) we use Sentinel 1 free available data and commercial data if this is required in order to monitor over time the temporal shift of natural terrestrial surface as well as the evolution of several phenomena in almost real time. The solution aims to monitor areas where natutal translocations-distortions take place and areas where important projects/constructions are located and require systematic monitoring (mines, tunnels, ducts)
In environmental monitoring sector (ground, sea, atmosphere), Sentinel satellite data and other Copernicus system web products are used. The continuous disposal of new data (e.g. Sentinel 5P) provides middle scale monitoring capacity for sectors related to evaluating climate changes impacts and atmosphere surveying. These new products give a general picture of phenomena evolution which was not possible until now by individual measurements or observations. Satellite data results diffusion, other products as well as initial data, is implemented via GETOpen Data and via geospatial data web diffusion, GET SDI Portal.


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