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Our Approach

We are working on the central management of data and information related to space. Our aim is to support common operational picture, decision making and provision of modern e-services for the professionals and the citizens.

We are developing central spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) in which data access is performed using web services based on open standards (OGC, ISO, Inspire). That way we can support vertical applications in thematic areas like the environment, urban management, cultural heritage and energy.

In our approach we utilize free and open source software and tools (FOSS). Our flagship product GET SDI PORTAL, a framework for the development of Spatial Data Infrastructures, is entirely developed by us and it is also an open source software available under the GPL3 license.

What our Customers say

The Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Municipality has been implemented with free and open source tools successfully developed by GET and it is an open governance proof as well as an essential infrastructure for a modern smart city.
Symeon Misirologlou

GIS Department Chief, Thessaloniki Municipality

GET provides up-to-date combinational geospatial tools and spatial data contributing to the fast and documented business decision making.
Vassilis Dimarakis

Informatics Director, Copelouzos Group

The Geo-Informatics map of Regulatory Authority of Energy is the first successful project regarding geospatial information disposal to every professional, compatible to the INSPIRE Directive requirements. Free and Open Source Software GET SDI Portal platform which is used, has been the solution for many relative project in Public Governance sector.
Alexandros Capellos

Informatics Director, Regulatory Authority of Energy

GET SDI Portal

Complete Open Source Cartographic Platform, ideal solution for the development of web GIS applications and spatially enabled portals. It constitutes the interface for a Spatial Data Infrastructure (INSPIRE, SDI) and already has more than 30 installations in government and private sector organizations in Greece and abroad.

Satellite Data as a Service

GET partners with Sinergise, and offers exclusively for Greece and Cyprus, the innovative and Copernicus Master awarded Service Sentinel-Hub.

Open Data

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Our Mission

To be recognised as the best GeoInformatics solutions provider in Greece based on open standards, open and free software and open data and substantially contribute to society improvement and knowledge sharing.

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