Exploiting a huge volume of free available Copernicus System Sentinel-2 satellite data, being collected daily, can be easily and effectively only with the use of artificial intelligence. This is what our partnership with Simulirity provides to us, through Simularity’s artificial intelligence solution for satellite data, Automated Image Anomaly Detection System (AIADS). This solution massively provides the capacity to detect land use changes in time series of big volume satellite imagery (e.g. Sentinel-2), in a very simple, effective and successful way (http://simularity.com/solutions/satellite-anomaly-detection/).
Our investment in Earth Observation field is continuous and we are able, in a daily basis, to provide dynamic access via OGC services to satellite data of Copernicus System, as well as to automate processing of huge volume data via dynamic artificial intelligence tools for land use detection. Analysis result is diffused through web mapping contemporary tools, following standards and methodology implied by Inspire and PSI Directives leading to the substantiated decision making in almost real time via contemporary tools (dashboards)
The image below shows an example of automated land use detection in Sentinel-2 imagery at the area of Chalkidiki

Public Release is available here:
Simularity has joined forces with Athens-based Geospatial Enabling Technologies (www.GetMap.eu), to market Simularity’s Automated Image Anomaly Detection System in the Greek and Australian markets.
“We have  evaluated Simularity’s AIADS, and I believe it gives us an edge in making our analysis services more efficient,” said Gabriel Mavrellis, CEO, GET. “Government agencies and other Greek customers of ours are interested in exploring the benefits that Simularity’s AI-driven temporal change detection can deliver, when applied to Sentinel satellite imagery.” Liz Derr, Co-Founder and CEO of Simularity, commented “We are excited to team up with GET, who has proven to be an innovative and technically capable partner for us in the region. We look forward to supporting Gabriel and his team as they engage with AI-ADS customers in the near future.”
GEOSPATIAL ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES (GET) was founded in 2006 with headquarters in Athens and in Thessaloniki, active in Greece and abroad. Their team consists of professionals with high level of technical knowledge and experience in management and development of spatial information, in open standards, open and free software, open data and the environment.
Simularity, Inc., is a Silicon Valley Area startup that applies time series analytics and artificial intelligence to massive volumes of satellite and drone imagery, to rapidly provide actionable intelligence in the form of temporal change detection and other advanced analytical insights.