GET successfully continues the development of projects in the field of Regional Government, implementing Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), in accordance with the INSPIRE Directive.

The Region of Crete, having been fully satisfied after the implementation of the first project concerning the development of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Region of Crete, proceeded to a new project for the maintenance and expansion of the SDI by GET. The new project includes the following work packages:

  1. Work Package 1 : Expansion and Enrichment of the SDI with new data sets. It concerns the enrichment and updating of the system with new digitized geolocated data, derived both from the Services of the Region, and from third parties – open data. Indicatively, the following are mentioned: Forest Map Data, Land parcels from the National Land Registry, Regional Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change of Crete, Flood Data, Environmental data, Pollutant Collection Maps, Pollutant Emission Maps etc.
  2. Work Package 2 : New Functions / Applications Development Services. The aim of the action is the development of new functions and applications of added value in order to better serve the public on the one hand and to further disengage the employees from serving the requests of the public, for which a physical presence is required. The section also includes interventions that will make the system interface more usable and user-friendly. The new functions include the improvement of an extract printing unit, the development of a design function, etc., while the new applications include among others, the development of a data entry mechanism for the e-licenses (TEE) application and the application of project data entry – interface with a project management system.
  3. Work Package 3 : User Support. The section concerns the provision of support services to the executives of the Region for the use and the proper operation of the Spatial Data Infrastructure after a relevant request in the communication center of the Contractor. A Helpdesk will be available to support the users of the Region. This center will be accessible to the users of the platform either by phone or by e-mail.
  4. Work Package 4 : Maintenance and Hosting of the SDI. This section concerns the maintenance and hosting of the information system and more specifically includes the upgrade of the installed software, the technical monitoring, support by any appropriate means for the proper operation of the information infrastructure, small-scale improvements and debugging.
  5. Work Package 5 : Support for Extroversion Actions. This section includes extroversion actions, such as organizing an info day, issuing press releases, etc., with the aim of informing stakeholders about the operation of the system, expanding the base of potential users and highlighting the benefits of its use.

The project will be implemented using free open source software (FOSS), following standards and rules of interoperability.