GET successfully implemented the SDI for the Region of Crete. The scope of the project was the modernization of the means used to manage geoinformation, a very important mean of planning and decision support.

The daily life, and the contact with the citizens and the institutions, highlighted the need for modern and integrated tools and methods accessing information. In this context, the Region of Crete, in order to improve the efficiency of its services and better serve the citizen, invested in the creation of the necessary digital infrastructure.

The project focused on the prioritization of the existing geospatial information, the development of advanced web services for the dissemination of the geoinformation to the public (citizens, professional engineers), but also the transfer of know-how to the executives of the Region, in order to improve internal management flows of geospatial data.

The infrastructure serves:

the internal operation of the Services through:

  • acquisition of modern tools and know-how
  • single access to the same format and updated version of the data
  • saving time due to a smaller number of transactions with the public
  • automation of search, viewing and data access processes
  • ability to perform combined queries
  • work planning and monitoring

 citizens, professionals and organizations who have acquired capabilities to:

  • access to modern and transparent electronic services
  • participation and interaction

 the administration:

  • creation and access to a common operational picture for the Region
  • improving administrative capacity
  • evaluation of the individual actions and projects that make up the strategic planning of the Region and the prioritization of needs
  • achieving strategic goals related to the protection of the environment, the saving of natural and financial resources and the improvement of the quality of life and the strengthening of local democracy

The application provides, among other things, a Satellite Data Observatory using open satellite data of near real time, of the European Earth Observatory “Copernicus”.