The Management Agency of the Mesologi Lagoon – Akarnanian Mountains is a Legal Entity under Private Law. The purpose of the Management Agency is the administration and management of the Mesologi – Aetoliko Lagoon National Park, estuaries and downstream of the rivers Acheloos and Evinos and Echinades islands.

Along with the protection of ecosystems, the Mesologi Lagoon – Akarnanian Mountains Management Agency is oriented towards the promotion of the environmental values ​​of the area, and the creation of the best possible conditions for the sustainable development sought by the local community.

Based on the above, the Management Agency aims at the implementation of projects for the protection and promotion of the area, the monitoring of the quality factors of the natural environment and is also responsible for opinions of activities, projects, etc. It also, develops information campaigns.

The scope of the contract is an “Integrated Geospatial Data System” through the Creation of an Open Data Gateway and Environmental Information Geodatabase (GIS) using open source software, which will be an essential tool for the Management Agency as through them he will be able to have a common operational picture of its area of ​​responsibility, in order to more correctly – most effectively plan the actions / interventions of the Management Agency. The solution will incorporate Sentinel 1,2,3 satellite data, available as OGC webservices capable of supporting environmental monitoring.