The Municipality of Chalandri, being a long-term customer of GET, has acquired an integrated geoinformation infrastructure based on open source technology. The infrastructure hosts a large number of geospatial data and serves the functions of the Municipality at the operational level (e.g. search for legislation, original documents, provision of data) that relate mainly to urban information.

Given the positive response of internal users (executives of the Municipality), the proven time savings during the documentation of the existing urban planning, but also of external users (e.g. Building services engineers who demonstrate the operation on site visits, citizens) it was deemed appropriate to expand the operational capabilities of the system, with a new project from the GET. As part of this project, GET will enrich the infrastructure with new data sets related to digital geo-referenced data (Rematia Study, Urban Planning Studies / Court Decision data, street numbering data as well as actuarial data), completing the Municipality’s archive material with very important data. In addition, given the maturity of the system and the transfer of know-how to the internal users of the system, applications will be developed through which it will be possible to automate the issuance of a road numbering certificate form / the registration of data and accompanying documentation for health-regulated establishments, as well as the input of data from the application of the TCG. In addition, the recording and development of a photographic reference background for the rest of the road network of the Municipality will be completed. Finally, on-site technical support services will be provided.