Public Participation in public space planning have partially introduced into Greek legislation (e.g.Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan), however the relative agencies/organization are not yet familiar with this. The need for a different approach of public space planning is nowadays important. The us of ppGIS technologies, export data from sensors and other sources, crowdsourcing methods, IoT, and social media integration are indeed necessary in order to achieve to change spatial scale and objects range through public plan methodology and techniques.
Facing this issue from many scientific angles, we intend to develop a very up-to-date solution in cooperation to our partners DOTSOFT, COMMONSPACE and SOCIALITY, as part of a research project which has been approved, at the list of potential beneficiaries of Intervention I “RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE”.
The proposed research aims to develop an integrated Spatial Decision Making and Participatory Planning System for monitoring and planning projects and activities in city and neighborhood level, focusing on citizens, environment and life quality.
The system is composed by three basic platforms of management, interaction and analysis. The final product is an articular system. The core unit of this system is the participatory planning platform and the other two platforms will operate in order to support and reinforce the system, but there will be also autonomous.