GET undertook the development of the “Open Environmental Data Portal” for the Municipality of Piraeus.

The purpose of this service is to support the Mechanism for decision-making regarding actions, measures, future tools and the implementation of the Adaptation Plan for the project “Pilot Mechanism, Information, Prevention, Management and Awareness of Climate Risk in the Urban Environment” Piraeus “.

The object of the service is the development of web cartographic applications and open-source software that support the studies and the dissemination of data and results produced by the “pilot mechanism”, as well as online tools for consulting the public, agencies and experts.

The provided service includes the three sub-applications:

  • Geospatial Information Infrastructure, repository of digital geospatial data related to climate change
  • Environmental Monitoring System using near real-time SENTINEL 2 and LANDSAT satellite data
  • Information Portal for informing and raising public awareness on the issue of climate change.