The Municipality of Heraklion is another Local Government body that chooses GET’s solutions over time and invests systematically in the development and expansion of its Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).

The SDI provides what is considered to be the essence of every attempt to modernize and promote a Municipality into the digital age and this is none other than the need to acquire a common operational picture. The SDI is the basis on which various vertical applications have been built such as those of the management of urban planning data GET e-POLEO and for the risk and crisis management GET CIVIL PROTECTION, chosen by the Municipality of Heraklion and provided by GET in the context of the portfolio developed for the Smart City.

The daily use of the system and the response of the users highlight every time how the infrastructure can be improved and developed. The project to be implemented includes enriching the system with new content, developing new vertical applications, as well as providing support to the service in order to cope with user requests for corrective/supplementary interventions.

It is observed that with the enrichment and upgrade of the data and services offered through the respective Geoportal but also the maturation of these projects, the traffic shows an upward trend, as more and more users, professionals, and citizens use the applications to refer to open data of the Municipalities and solve their daily problems.