GET and JGC SA jointly undertook the implementation of the new project for the Municipality of Heraklion, which concerns the supply of special civil protection equipment for risk management.

In order to ensure more efficient measures and means of protection of the population in cases of natural and technological disasters, it is advisable to create an integrated crisis management system procuring special equipment and software.

The goal of the platform which will be developed is to support the management of crisis situations due to disasters, through the effective use of information and communication technologies. The platform will be based on Free Software and Opensource technology at its core and will aim to create an intergrated solution to support the involved civil protection bodies. The basic subsystems of the integrated crisis management system procured are:

  • Crisis management platform
  • Expansion of existing Geospatial Information Infrastructure
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Field Data Recording Software

With the supply and installation of the necessary IT equipment (hardware and software) all stakeholders of the Municipality of Heraklion will have access to a common operational picture, as well as to the tools for collaborative management of human resources, infrastructure and equipment.