GET signed a new contract with the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Foods for the implementation of the application of “Automatic Meteorological Warnings for Frost” in order to meet the needs of the Ministry.

The implementation concerns the development of the application of Automatic Meteorological warnings for the phenomenon of Frost. The application is addressing the farmers with the aim to provide them with an immediate and valid frost warning in order to enable them to take measures to protect crop production.

For the presentation of the warnings a web platform will be developed where an interactive web map will present the whole country divided at the level of Municipality. Each Municipality will have the color corresponding to the warning level as well as a symbol for the frost meteorological parameter.

By selecting one Municipality the map zooms in to the Municipality extend and presents the primary field with the colors (per pixel) of the warnings referring to the frost phenomenon as well as an additional graph with information which shows the time evolution of the phenomenon by color code.

Moreover, there will be a suitable background against which the farmer could locate his field and then see the forecast for that particular area of interest.

The total solution includes a mobile application (Android and iOS), which informs directly the farmers about frost phenomena in the areas of their interest.