The Municipality of Chaidari, with the aim of improving the efficiency of its services and better serving the citizen, is investing in the creation of the necessary digital infrastructure through the implementation of the project “Infrastructure and information integration system to upgrade the administrative management capacity of the Municipality of Chaidari” which is financed from the ANTONIS TRITS program.

The scope of this study is the creation of an infrastructure that aims to upgrade the administrative capacity of the Municipality in the management in a unified way of both emergency situations and its daily operations. The aim is, through the digitization of the Municipality’s information management system, to make it possible to utilize information either within the Municipality or remotely. In order to achieve the above goal, a set of projects of a different nature is required in order to create the infrastructure for the correct collection and storage of the data that the municipality has, the means of communication of the various systems, the interoperability and security of the applications and which will be connected to each other so that to achieve the necessary staff coordination.

GET was awarded WORK PACKAGE 1: “Geospatial data management services and applications” of the total project. In the framework of the implementation of the specific work package, a common geospatial database will be created, integrating and gathering base maps but also digitized geospatial data scattered throughout the Municipality. The infrastructure will be available to all the employees who have relevant authority to access the data and primarily to the administration so that it can deal with the emergency or daily needs of the Municipality with valid data, either from the employees’ workplaces or remotely.

The intervention will be completed by two actions. A mobile mapping of the streets and public spaces of the Municipality of Chaidari, which will map the data between the street lines of the Municipality’s roads. The second action will be the creation of an official street map of the Municipality of Chaidari which will contain the official street names but also the exact location of the numbers on them.

The scope of this work package is to create the appropriate infrastructure for the support of a centralized staff management system as described in the recent Digital Strategy of the Municipality of Chaidari.

Its implementation will be based on the utilization of open-source technologies / software, which ensure the sustainability of applications over time due to low maintenance costs. The organization, dissemination and analysis of the data will be carried out in the most modern and reliable way based on the use of open standards (OGC, ISO, INSPIRE) as well as open-source technologies, which will also be used in this project.