The Municipality of Naxos and the Small Cyclades recently announced the acquisition of Geospatial Information Infrastructure, a project which was successfully implemented by GET.

The Municipality of Naxos and the Small Cyclades has set as a priority and key axis of its planning, the digital transformation. In this context, it constantly invests in digital technologies, which facilitate the daily life of the Citizens, improve its administrative capacity and serve transparency and extroversion.

A very important part of the services provided by the Municipality are the implementation of interventions, the information of the public, the provision of data, the opinion on issues that require knowledge of the institutional status. The Technical Service, among other responsibilities, is called on a daily basis to respond to requests from citizens and professionals, other services of the Municipality, central government, but also to plan the development and interventions in the island complex, taking into account the situation and available resources.

In order to cope with these responsibilities, the Municipality set as priorities:

  • the transition to digital management,
  • the development of value-added e-services,
  • the coordination and improvement of internal service procedures.

In this context, GET has developed a modern geo-information system (GIS) for the management and dissemination of available digital spatial information. The system uses only open-source software, achieving huge resource savings, as the cost of acquiring and upgrading software licenses is zero.

Those interested have the opportunity to receive information regarding the spatial organization, infrastructures, environment. The infrastructure includes over 400 items which fall into a number of thematic categories, providing access to geospatial data and standardized files. The data is available through the GeoPortal, which functions as the main user interface with the infrastructure, while the possibilities of thematic and functional scaling of the system are potentially unlimited.

The application is now available to the public and is accessible at: .