GET successfully implemented the project for the “Design and development of software for collecting, management and promotion of historic buildings information in settlements of the North Aegean Region”, for the needs of Subproject 1 “Historical documentation, collection and recording of monuments of modern cultural heritage in the islands of the North Aegean Region” of the project “Recording, rescue and promotion of the latest cultural heritage in the North Aegean region using emerging technologies and innovative information technologies applications”, within the Operational Program  “North Aegean 2014-2020”, implemented by the Agency of Modern Monuments and Technical Works of North Aegean.

Specifically, in the framework of the project, the design and creation of a digital repository was implemented, in which all the data from the field recordings of tangible cultural heritage that were implemented in the framework of the Act were integrated. This digital repository is a digital system for the management and preservation of tangible and intangible modern cultural heritage, which includes:

  • Data collection mobile app,
  • Geodatabase of cultural heritage information,
  • Cartographic web application, and
  • A set of algorithms (one for each settlement) which examines the necessity of interventions (prioritization) and proposes a conservation / rescue plan each settlement (based on the good practice of HER.M.E.S which was demonstrated / applied in Hermoupolis, Syros – ).

Although the application was developed for Agency of Modern Monuments and Technical Works of North Aegean, part of the repository will soon be available to the public.