The IRC-HERMES project is based on the previously successful HERMeS infrastructure (Europa Nostra Award, 2015) and includes the recording and digitization of buildings / settlements of high cultural interest, the automated prioritization of interventions to local authorities and the implementation of common cultural heritage characteristics, physiognomy and pathology features. The project will provide open data of buildings / settlements, on-site labels, web application for information sharing, as well as a platform to support the educational process.

Within this project, GET successfully implemented the 360 ​​Degree Digital Imaging Services (sphere) in 4K resolution of the historic centers of the four historic cities of the project: Samos, Corfu, Ohrid and Argyrokastro.

The works included:

  1. Digital Mapping 3600 (time laps) of the four settlements,
  2. Correction of errors and improvement of the georeferencing of the digital mapping;
  3. Digital Mapping 3600, of interior spaces of five buildings for each settlement,
  4. The processing of the digitized material and the creation of single spheres for settlements and buildings.
  5. The Registration of the material in an online open source GIS cartographic platform