In January 2017 Sinergise agreed to a reseller partnership with GEOSPATIAL ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES (GET). As part of this alliance, GET, GeoInformatics solutions provider based on open standards, open and free software and open data, continues to develop Sinergise’s idea and offers an award-winning Sentinel-Hub services to customers in Greece and Cyprus.

“This first year has been just the beginning for many successful projects and research. Sinergise demonstrated to be a valuable partner for us, which is why we decided to expand our joint activities in Australia. As a new member of EARSC and partner of Sinergise, we are very pleased to travel at the “Australia mission”   and have the opportunity to participate at networking events, briefings and introductions to remote sensing firms, investors and customers contributing at the AU/EU collaboration, as an official partner of Sinergise.” says Mr Gabriel Mavrellis, CEO of GET.

GET and Sinergise’s successful combination of software engineering skills and domain knowledge as well as satellite image web services for seamless integration of open Earth Observation, makes it possible to bring highest added value to customers who can benefit from a tailored approach and new EO solutions on various fields. Some successful cases derived from this partnership in public governance and private sector are:

  • Supporting the Municipality of Thessaloniki  at the effort to update its infrastructures, GET in cooperation with the Department of building and Urban planning application of the Municipality will upgrade the existing Spatial Data Infrastructure in order to provide to the end user (internal users, citizens, other departments) advanced search, view and download services of the Copernicus system in almost real time through standardized web services, integrating the Sinergise Sentinel Hub technology within the existing GET SDI Portal web portal environment. The solution provides access to near real-time Sentinel-2 & 3 (OLCI) satellite data via standard OGC Web Services, WMS / WMTS, WCS, and WFS, in order to give to the end user (internal user, citizen, other organizations) advanced search, viewing and downloading on satellite data of Copernicus system. The service, technologically, is characterized by the following: Open architecture and API access to enable full and non-standard exploitation, High availability, No dependency on computing and storage resources, Extendibility with easily created new multi-spectral products
  • Web geospatial data portal (geoportal) development for the Department of Marine Sciences of the University of the Aegean in order to map marine geophysical parameters. The web portal development software is GET SDI Portal, suitably configured in order to support advanced search, view and download services, in almost real time, as well as for satellite data of Copernicus system, via standardized web services, integrating GETOpenData.
  • «Shallow Water Aquatic Monitoring using Acoustic Sensors and Satellite Images (AMOS)» under the program “NEPTUNE: New Cross Sectoral Value Chains Creation across Europe Facilitated By Clusters for SMEs’ Innovation in Blue Growth” which has received funding by the research and innovation program of European Union, Horizon 2020 (No. Of grant agreement: 691554), in which Greece participates with Corallia. GET proposal was submitted in cooperation with French company Semantic-TS. The proposal is about the development of an innovative system for monitoring aquatic environment (Bathymetry and classification of marine ecosystems, recording of fishing potential) of coastal water. The system will be based on acoustic monitoring technology by Semantic – TS for this project, it will be adapted into USV system, offering capacity to easily collect data even in very shallow water. These data will be integrated into the innovative platform for geospatial data diffusion of GET where additionally open satellite data Sentinel or other free earth observation data, like Copernicus, will be provided via GETOpenData.
  • Agriculture application development, for the Greek SME Farmacon (, based on advanced search, view and download services and satellite data of Copernicus system, via standardized web services, integrating GETOpenData.

Meet us on 5th of March in Brisbane, 6th and 7th in Canberra and 8th in Sydney. In case you will be participating “What on Earth Colloquium” [] in Wellington, New Zealand at a time, make sure you find time to speak with Sinergise’s CEO Grega Milcinski.

Gabriel Mavrellis, CEO of GET will be in Melbourne and available for business meetings on 13-15th of March after his participation at the CRCSI events, to explore cooperation in the fields of research activities as well as Geo-Informatics, Earth Observation, Open Data and Environment.