In our annual infographic below we show selected highlights for 2021.

Our 2021 total revenue has been increased by +9% recording high profitability, while a significant amount of back log orders exists.

We have delivered 46 projects (+27% more than 2020) with the same personnel comparing to 2020. Practically this means very higher productivity, which is expanding the numerator, the output, in order to deliver greater top-line growth from the same workforce. That sounds simple, but it’s surprisingly hard for organizations to do more with the same resources. During the Covid era this requires having successfully established an effective environment for working remotely in a way that also supports well-being, collaboration, and innovation.

Remarkable customer support and  service is reflected in two major indicators as far as the customer loyalty is concerned. Those are  the 58% yearly repurchase rate and the 51 Net Promoter Score, which means that we have a larger than average group of promoters sharing their positive perception with their personal networks.

In 2021 we have been engaged more in digital transformation services changing the way our customers are doing business. 75% of our solutions leverage the transformative, innovative, and collaborative power of open source and open data, encouraging the sharing and reuse of software solutions, knowledge, expertise and data, in order to deliver better services that enrich society and focus on lowering costs to that society. This is in full compliance with the Commission’s 2020-2023 open-source strategy which, among others,  promotes modern public geospatial enabled services that are interoperable by default; inclusive and accessible; open and transparent; trustworthy and secure. We are hosting 230 of customer applications in our cloud-based infrastructure, while in 2021 we increased dramatically the per month sessions servicing, via web services, of our community of users.

Digital twins are considered to be a new starting point for today’s smart city construction. Within 2021 we created a new business unit – Data for Digital Twins. Through this unit, we are offering new services by capturing accurate visual data from the environment and transforming it into valuable 4D Data. This solution is based on capturing and utilizing data from UAV – Drones but also from Mobile Mappers based on panoramic cameras and/or scanners.

In addition to our new data collection and visualization solution for Digital Twins, our mature portfolio of solutions, related to Smart Cities, has been expanded in various sectors (Urban Planning, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Cultural Heritage, Civil Protection etc.). Concrete knowledge, needed to create those solutions, derives from our focused and  systematic R & D  activities in specific domains funded by EU and the Greek government.

Within 2022, we are securing our growing path by expanding our portfolio of digital transformation services (Data for Digital Twins) and by applying new horizontal diversified services for 4D data collection and visualization for Digital Twins, in the existing as well as  new markets.

By using  Open source and building public services that connect seamlessly across organizational silos and borders, we will maintain the existing market perception for GET as the market leader of Geo-IT solutions based on open / free software and data. GET’s people embrace a fundamental proposition that our firm’s primary purpose is to treat customers with loving care. That approach, which will continue in 2022, begets loyalty, that powers sustainable, profitable growth.