2022 was one more step in our course of development. The evolution demonstrates that we are implementing an effective business development strategy based on the innovative knowledge we gain through our research activities. We exploit this knowledge commercially by providing new competitive and innovative services in the multiple – complementary and interconnected pillars of our business activities. At the same time, through this knowledge, the established solutions that we have successfully provided for many years in specific market sectors (e.g. Local Government solutions) are enriched and redesigned with modern features, making them difficult to compete with.

An indicative element of this strategy of ours is the successful expansion we have, in existing as well as in new for us business sectors, providing new services for collecting Data for Digital Twins. The innovative project for the creation of a three-dimensional (3D) Digital Twin of the historic settlement of Ano Syros has been a leading example of implementation in this field.

The complex IT projects we implement prove that we are no longer limited to the narrow context of Geoinformatics. We can maximize the value of geospatial information (https://www.getmap.eu/company/?lang=en) by combining it with highly critical IT processes which require accountability and dynamic support of hundreds of accredited users in real time, with secure electronic interbank payment requirements. The demanding project developed for RAE (https://www.getmap.eu/rae-registry-new-project/?lang=en which involved the creation of a register, an interface with the SDI and the creation of a system for electronic submission of documentation data, is an example of our expertise in this area

Within 2022, there was a significant increase in the infrastructure capacity we provide for remote and safe hosting (G-Cloud, Hetzner, Azure, Amazon) with very high rates of uninterrupted operation of our provided online services. We host 260 customer applications on these infrastructures, while during the year we increased by 38% the monthly connection and operation periods of these applications. Our years of accumulated knowledge in web hosting is hard to replicate.

The rate of re-selection of our Company by existing customers – partners is very high (65%), which is based on the fact that the Company has durability and consistency in what it commits and implements through the unique “Value Proposition” it provides. Our users recognize that through our collaboration, they are effectively and consistently supported and able to innovate by providing modern openly accessible transparent electronic geospatial services that are interoperable, reliable and secure. For this reason, our preference index “Net Promoter Score” remains high (51), indicating that a significant proportion of our customers are very satisfied with our services and are willing to recommend us to third parties.

What differentiates us from the competition is that 75% of our solutions professionally leverage open-source software, a choice that is in full compliance with the European Commission’s Open-Source Strategy 2020-2023. A milestone in this direction for the new year is the planned release on the market of the new version of our GET SDI Portal© software, redesigned keeping the elements that made it unique, while enriched with new functionalities built around a very modern set of implementation tools (frameworks). This new version will be made available free of charge, through the GitHub repository to our entire family of users and beyond.

Again in 2023 we will work consistently in order to continue to be recognized as the preferred provider of Geoinformatics solutions based on open standards, open/free software, open data in the Greek market and contribute substantially to the improvement of society and the sharing of knowledge.

In our annual infographic below, we present selected data (or information) regarding our performance and operations for the year 2022.