GET (  achieved another year of strong financial performance in fiscal 2019, demonstrating the strength of our winning strategy of multiple engines of growth fueled by our diversified portfolio of services. 

One of the company’s greatest strengths in addition to our unique team of people, is our diverse portfolio of services and products which spans in all our business units, Geo-ICT, Open Data, Geo-BI, EO & Environment.   

From traditional to  more progressive & innovative positioning, each of our offer  is distinctive, with its own unique characteristics and loyal customers.

R&D and innovation are key components of our  on going  strategy. This   addresses main  objectives of our  growth goal through increased industrial competitiveness and finding solutions to societal challenges such as open knowledge and data sharing, climate change, public participation and cultural heritage.

We are a proven open source & data  based innovative Geospatial Enabling Technologies solution provider,  with a focus on making location for each of our customer matter.

In our annual infographic below  we show  select highlights for 2019.

Let’s Go Full On For 2020.