GET developed the application of frost warnings for the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, which aims to limit both the damage to the country’s crop production and the additional burden on the Hellenic Agricultural Insurance Organization budget as well as the state budget. The application is available in the cloud of the Ministry of Digital Governance and the development of the application for mobile operation will follow.

Hence, the producer is provided with the early and valid warning needed to take the necessary protective measures before and after the frost. Registered users will also be able to receive automated email alerts about possible frost in their areas of interest. The forecast is based on weather forecasts from the European Meteorological Center, which is the best in the world, received through HNMS. Frost warnings are automatically generated from this data. The data is managed by a geographic information system that enables its presentation in the form of interactive maps or time series. The temporal and spatial analysis of the application makes it possible to monitor the phenomena hourly, while the user / farmer can focus and receive information exactly at the point of interest.