The LIFE ASTI project and GET are pleased to invite you to the Final Conference, on May 19, 2022.

The Final Conference of the LIFE ASTI project will be focused on the final results and achievements of the LIFE ASTI project and will be held as a hybrid event on 19 May at the Thessaloniki City Hall.

Registrations can be done electronically, before the date of the event, at the following link: Registration Form

The participants who wish to attend the conference online can do so from the following link: (Meeting number: 2550 5442110, Password: MDhj5p2cDX5)

Those who wish to attend the event in person must know that all the protocols regarding the covid-19 pandemic that are in effect on the day of the event will be followed.

You may find the Agenda of the event here.

The LIFE ASTI project focuses on the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect and human health by developing and evaluating a system of numerical models that will lead to the short-term forecast and future projection of the UHI phenomenon and its effect on the health of the inhabitants in three Mediterranean cities: Rome, Thessaloniki (Municipality of Thessaloniki and Municipality of Pavlos Melas) and Heraklion