GET coordinates the new research project “eLEONAS ppWebGIS: PARTICIPATORY PLANNING PLATFORM FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” in the framework of the Joint Action of State Aid for Research, Technological Development “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPANEK)”, NSRF 2014 – 2020. The project is implemented by a collaborative group of four (4) partners: the cooperatives Commonspace and Sociality, HERMES and GET company.

The scope of the proposed project is the design and development of participatory planning processes and tools in order to support spatial decision-making development, planning and intervention in urban areas facing special challenges and / or opportunities. The aim is to introduce participatory planning in Integrated Sustainable Development Planning, as a “system” that provides on multiple scales, while responding directly to the needs of the public.

The participatory processes that are emphasized during the development of the proposed project are aimed at:

  • Prediction, where the involvement of experts is crucial for the best possible approach and reduction of uncertainty. Dedicated application in climate change adaptation plans.
  • Planning, where the involvement of the competent and the involved bodies is important for the success of the development and the spatial planning. Dedicated application in urban analysis of integrated spatial planning.
  • Prioritize risks, measures and actions, where the combination of public participation, experts and stakeholders judges the effectiveness of interventions. At the same time, people’s personal narratives, as well as community memories, play an important role in restoring and preserving cultural heritage (material and intangible). Dedicated application in prioritization of structural vulnerability of buildings, in order to preserve cultural heritage.

Tools and methodologies for environmental, development, spatial and cultural planning are introduced through the participatory planning platform for sustainable development. The necessary communication actions that support the participatory processes are structured around two (2) innovative applications:

  1. a Spatially Identified Social Network – Spatial Forum and
  2. a Φ-gital application, i.e. a digital route in natural space, for the promotion and participation of the public in spatial planning issues.

The tools will be tested around three pilot applications in the area of Eleonas, Attica, while supporting toolboxes will be created aiming at being able to apply in other areas of Greece, with similar characteristics.