GET participates, as a subcontractor of the company “SCIENTIFIC ENTERPRISES LTD”, in the implementation of the project “Supply of Equipment for the Upgrading and Expansion of the National Air Pollution Monitoring Network (E.D.P.A.R.) in Thessaloniki Urban Complex”. In the context of the Main Project, GET will provide services related to part of Section E, i.e., the design of the Geographic Information System application, such as installation, configuration, maintenance of the offered software of the platform, the Geoportal and the relevant training of the staff.

More specifically, GET has undertaken to deliver:

  • Open-Source Geospatial Database Software
  • Open-Source GIS Server Software
  • Open-Source WebGIS
  • Open-Source GIS Software

The Deputy Governor of the Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki, Mrs. Voula Patoulidou, stated about the project: “We are upgrading the existing air pollution control stations in the urban complex of Thessaloniki and we are strengthening our network with the reopening of the station in Kalamaria and the installation of two new stations in Stavroupoli (Municipality of Pavlos Mela) and in the Municipality of Thessaloniki in the new building of the Region for the uninterrupted and reliable monitoring of air pollution in the area of ​​the Thessaloniki Urban Complex and taking measures when required, with goal to protect public health. “