GET has successfully completed the development of innovative applications that support the operation and the decision making of the Municipal Enterprise of Water and Sewage of Komotini (DEYAK). The applications were developed as part of the WATER RESCUE project of the INTERREG Greece – Bulgaria program aiming at improving the efficiency of water resources and reducing non-revenue water (NRW).

The first application that was provided enables the Agency to monitor the spatial and temporal evolution of faults. Each damage and its related information (cost, water loss, materials used, etc.) are plotted on a map with search and query capabilities as well as spatial analysis tools. In this way, the Agency can identify areas where there is significant water loss and high cost of rehabilitation and therefore design projects and interventions to improve network operation and reduce operating costs and NRW.

The application features advanced spatial analysis tools, while it generates dynamic thematic maps that support decision making.

The second application enables the Agency to communicate with the citizens.

Specifically, it provides information for scheduled water outages in the area (via the website and by email) and in addition it allows citizens to report a problem / damage.

The problem is resolved by the department in accordance with their internal procedures, while keeping a complete track record of activities, cost and materials.

The application reduces the response time from the Agency, which results in the reduction of water losses and consequently reduction of NRW.