GET was awarded the tender conducted by the Municipality of Chania entitled: 2.5 “New Services to citizens through the Municipal GIS” under the A/A2 Contract “Smart city actions in the fields of Sustainable Mobility and e-Government of the Municipality of Chania” of the project (Subproject) MUNICIPALITY OF CHANIA – Subproject 1 – Greek smart cities: Investments in infrastructure and SSC systems for a sustainable & green urban future”. The successful operation of the  Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)  of the Municipality of Chania to date, highlighted the dynamics offered by the use of new technologies and open standards, but also the necessity of enriching the system with new information and functions. The current health crisis and the increased need to limit face-to-face communication and the provision of remote services,  led to an increase in the requirements of the data and functions offered by the Infrastructure. The operation of the SDI to date of the Municipality of Chania, in combination with the needs of its Services, have highlighted the necessity of strengthening it in the following directions:
  1. Its systematic updating and further enrichment with new datasets in order to establish it as an active and reliable information hub, to facilitate the operation of the Municipality’s Services and consequently to better serve the transacting parties (professionals and citizens).
  2. The development of the interconnection of the SDI through APIs and tools with other information systems used by the Municipality. The creation of APIs is a horizontal system that serves all sectors and departments of the Municipality.
  3. The development of an Open Data Portal in order to make all public data of the Municipality of Chania, free and available for everyone, without restrictions of intellectual or industrial property rights, and using open, structured and machine-readable standards.
The implementation of the action-project “New Services to citizens through the Municipal GIS”, the development of which will be based on the use and configuration of FOSS software (Free Software / Open-Source Software), as well as on the development of appropriated applications, utilizing at the same time the existing infrastructure of the Municipality of Chania, includes the following tasks that are described in detail below:
  • Detailed Design
  • Enrichment of the Existing SDI with new Data
  • Development of a new data dissemination application and Creation of Automated Certificates to Citizens and Professionals
  • Development of an Open Data Portal (DashBoard) and Diffusion of All Data of the individual Subsystems
  • Development of the Interconnection of the SDI through Application Programming Interface Tools (APIs) with other IT Applications used by the Municipality of Chania
  • Training and support services