GET undertook the new project of the Municipality of Chania, which concerns the maintenance and expansion of the existing SDI of the Municipality.

The Municipality of Chania, during the last decade, has systematically invested in the development of the necessary infrastructure for the digital management of its geospatial data. The successful operation of the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) of the Municipality of Chania, highlighted the dynamics offered by the use of new technologies and open standards, but also the need to enrich the system with new information and functions. In addition, the current health crisis and the growing need to limit face to face communication and to provide remote services have led to an increase in the requirements of the data and functions offered by the Infrastructure.

The new project includes:

  1. The Import of new data sets and more specifically
    • Introduction and Organization of Urban Information (Road Lines / Building Blocks, City Plan Modifications, Building Restrictions)
    • Urban Data Sets
    • SWAK data
    • Various Available Data (Municipal Property Data etc.)
  2. The Development of New Functions / Applications. The new features that will be developed include, among other things, the printing of information tab content and the Chart Search Unit. At the same time, new registration applications will be developed, as well as the Data Entry Mechanism of the e-licenses application (TEE)
  3.  The Maintenance of the SDI
  4.  The Transfer of Expertise and the Support of Users

With the implementation of this project, the Geospatial Information Infrastructure of the Municipality of Chania will be established as an active and reliable information hub, which will be supported and maintained systematically with the aim of facilitating the operation of the Services of the Municipality and consequently the best service of transactions. Finally, the implementation of the project will ensure compliance with the new current institutional framework for digital governance and open data in Public Administration, such as Law 4623/2019 (Government Gazette FEK13A’/ 2019) and Law 4727/2014 (Government Gazette FEK184 A’/ 2020).