GET in cooperation with DOTSOFT (, under the framework of Interreg AIGIS, which is funded by the Cooperation Program Interreg VA “Greece – Cyprus 2014-2020, undertook and successfully completed the implementation of the project entitled” REPORT OF SPECIFIC SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS – ENTIRE – PILOT SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION AND REPORT OF INSTALLATION WORKS IN THE NORTH AEGEAN of the AIGIS-Interreg VA Greece-Cyprus operation 2014-2020 “.

The goal of the Integrated Innovative Intelligent System is to support the involved civil protection bodies of the North Aegean Region in crisis situations – Natural and Technological Disasters and Man-made and Social Crises – through the effective use of information and communication technologies. The work implemented, included the development of

  • Crisis management platform,
  • Geospatial Information Infrastructure according to INSPIRE,
  • Open Data Portal for the general public,
  • Satellite data access service in almost real – time
  • Field Data Recording Software

The platform gives all stakeholders a common operational picture, as well as the tools for collaborative management of human resources, infrastructure and equipment. Interreg AIGIS aims to strengthen the adequacy and administrative capacity of the competent civil protection authorities of the participating regions of Greece and Cyprus, for the effective response to natural and man-made disasters and crises, through the pilot design and development of a cross-border integrated system for resource management, decision-making and training in order to achieve high efficiency in administrative and operational actions.