GET undertook the implementation of the Environmental Observatory of the Municipality of Agrinio.

The Environmental Observatory of the Municipality of Agrinio is part of the “Digital Strategy of the Municipality of Agrinio 2019-2024” and the main “Priorities of the National Digital Strategy within the Regional Operational Programs of the NSRF 2014-2020”, and includes the creation of an environmental observatory Strengthening administrative capacity in environmental monitoring issues, while disseminating information to the public to enhance knowledge and participation in public life and the political process.

The right of access to environmental information is a key prerequisite for sustainable development as environmental policies must be based on the right information of citizens in order to be effective.

The recognition and protection of the right to environmental information in the Municipality of Agrinio will be implemented through the design and implementation of a holistic – dynamic and scalable environmental observatory which will include:

  1. Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring System
  2. Water Quality Monitoring System
  3. Environmental Monitoring System with the use of almost real-time satellite data in combination with both machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques
  4. Performance appraisal system using quantitative indicators (KPI’s)
  5. Portal of open environmental data, studies and data
  6. Communication and participatory spatial planning platform