In February ’21 GET has completed 15 years of operation, implementing more than 430 projects in the field of Geoinformatics.

Throughout this period, we have systematically served our mission which is “Making Location Matter”. In each partnership, we seek to create a common business image through the central management of spatial information. Our customers, who have been our companions along the way, are able to innovate and provide modern, openly accessible transparent geospatial services that are functional, reliable and secure. From 2010 onwards, the solutions we develop and the services we offer are based almost exclusively on free software – open source software, contributing to the sharing of knowledge and the reduction of acquisition costs. During this time, there have been significant milestones that have made a decisive contribution to our evolution. Some of them are:

  • The implementation of the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) of the Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE), which is still an emblematic project of the Public Administration, in the domain of open diffusion of geospatial data, through certified online services, based on the procedures specified in the Inspire Directive.
  • The research project Publica Mundi, which was the knowledge base of the project This project documented what would be the value of the creation of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure.
  • The Implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) for the management of Urban Planning Data in the Municipalities of Heraklion, Thessaloniki and Halandri, proved the value of the digital transformation at the local government level. In these Municipalities, our services have more than 1’000 unique visitors per month. Professionals use the electronic services that have been developed for viewing and downloading data and they no longer need to visit the premises of the Municipalities. Similar applications have been developed from GET for approximately 30 Municipalities.
  • Utilization through dynamic access to modern Earth Observation Data has contributed to the expansion of the solutions we are developing in areas related to climate change, the blue economy and civil protection.
  • Our involvement in important research projects related to participatory planning and cultural heritage management has given new perspectives to the solutions we provide in terms of modern urban spatial planning and the technocratic priorities that need to be set.
  • The successful implementation of projects abroad (UK, Germany, Israel, Ghana, Cyprus, Ecuador) confirmed the dynamics and value of our solutions worldwide.
  • Effective access to remote data hosting applications and applications has opened up new possibilities for the competitiveness of our solutions.
  • Effective access to remote data hosting infrastructures and applications has opened up new possibilities concerning the competitiveness of our solutions.

Today we are recognized as the best provider of Geoinformatics solutions in the Greek market, whose solutions are based on open standards, open / free software, open data and who contributes substantially to the improvement of society and the sharing of knowledge. We are not content with that. In 2021, a year that we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our founding, we will offer new innovative solutions to the Greek market, which will address existing and new domains. We thank all our executives who contributed decisively to GET to where we are today.

Geospatial Enabling Technologies,
Gabriel Mavrellis / CEO