The Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE) in collaboration with Geospatial Enabling Technologies (GET) have developed a System of Spatial Control of Applications (SCA) for the issuance of electricity generation licenses from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Electricity & Electricity Cogeneration Stations. The SCA was developed with the aim of speeding up the application control procedures, considering the new legal framework and with a view to the equal treatment of applicants.

The process of checking and evaluating applications, submitted to RAE, for a license to generate electricity, involves different stages. Spatial controls play a key role in the process, ensuring environmental and spatial adequacy at the first level and the corresponding consequences of each project regarding its location in the geographical area.

The recent enactment of Law 4685/2020 (Government Gazette Α΄92 / 2020) required the existence of a mechanism that will enable the acceleration of the process of controlling the fulfillment of the geographical criteria for several (pending) applications exceeding 1500. The average time to complete the checks for an application is around 30 “. Upon completion of the process, it is possible to produce a relevant certificate, which details the result of each test. In addition, SCA allows the connection to third party systems, through a programming interface.

The system was developed with the exclusive use, development and configuration of geospatial Free Software / Open Source Software (FOSS) with which the RAE Geoinformation Map has been developed. The FOSS option is a strategic decision for RAE, as it allows, the thematic expansion of the system with the development of new applications, substantially supported with accumulated know-how and experience, while achieving significant savings. Finally, it is worth noting that the system was implemented in the government cloud computing infrastructure (G-Cloud). RAE acquired a modern tool through which automates the process of controlling the fulfillment of spatial criteria of the applications for granting a license for electricity producer from RES. Equal and transparent evaluation of applications, huge time savings, the cultivation of a culture of using standard procedures in terms of spatial data are key objectives achieved with the adoption of the system. The mechanisms of the system will be the basis for the envisaged complete automation of the process of control and issuance of certificates by RAE.