The Municipality of Syros – Hermoupolis is another Municipality that has shown confidence in GET for the Development of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Municipality by choosing the GET_ICT solution, provided by GET within our portfolio developed for the Smart City, with the aim of providing a modern electronic tool both to the employees of the Municipality and to the professionals, but also to the citizens.

In the current phase, the Municipality of Syros – Hermoupolis has as priority the organization of the existing geospatial information, the development of advanced web services for the dissemination of the geoinformation to the public (citizens, professional engineers), but also the transfer of know-how to the Municipality’s executives, in order to improve internal geospatial data management flows.

Everyday life and contact with citizens and agencies demonstrates the need for modern and unified tools and methods of accessing information. In this context, the Municipality, with the aim of improving the efficiency of its services and better serving the citizen, is investing in the creation of the necessary digital infrastructures through which it will be achieved:

  • the enrichment of digital systems with new content
  • the development of new applications
  • the development of structures for interacting with users
  • the provision of specialized/structured content
  • the provision of support to services in order to cope with user requests for corrective/supplementary interventions
  • the expansion of the base of internal users of the systems
  • the sharing of data within the services of the Municipality and the creation of a common operational picture