GET participates as a subcontractor of the company CROWDPOLICY in the implementation of the project “Implementation and maintenance of information systems and digital applications of electronic governance and “smart city” of the Municipality of Western Lesvos.

The project concerns the full development and productive operation of e-government information systems with the aim of upgrading the Municipality of Western Lesvos (MWL) to a “Smart Municipality”, the implementation of digital applications and infrastructure systems and training services and operational support of the systems. The information systems will be developed as digital tools that will interoperate with the other systems of the Municipality of Western Lesvos and will be put into production as a single platform with them on the Internet Portal of the IDL

With the implementation of this project, the citizen will be served without requiring his physical presence in the Municipal shops, thus reducing the bureaucratic procedures, the citizen’s suffering and the waste of working hours.

Η GET συμμετέχει ως υπεύθυνη υλοποίησης του Πληροφοριακού Συστήματος Γεωγραφικών Πληροφοριών (Πακέτο Εργασίας 3) του εν λόγω έργου, οι εργασίες του οποίου περιλαμβάνουν:

GET participates as responsible for the implementation of the Geographical Information System (Work Package 3) of the specific project. Its tasks include:

  • The design of the GIS for displaying and managing the available data of the Municipality
  • The uploading of the geographic information of the Municipality that does not fall under the category of personal data
  • The productive operation of GIS and its interconnection with other systems of the Municipality
  • The training of the system administrators and the design of the specific educational material

The project is included in the Action: “Strengthening the public services and organizations of the Region for the creation and operation of an infrastructure to provide high-level services to citizens and businesses in the basic social and economic sectors” and has been included in the “NORTH AEGEAN” Operational Program based on the Incorporation Decision with no. prot. 1458-08/06/2021 (ADA 9ΕΣ87ΛΟ-N99) of the Special Management Service of E.P. North Aegean Region, has received MIS code 5063479 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by national resources.