The Municipality of Ilion proceeded to signature of a new contract with GET, this time for the implementation of the project “Provision of consultation services for the preparation of the Business Plan for securing the Community and Publicly Beneficial spaces of the Municipality of Ilion”.

The purpose of this provision of service is to draw up a business plan within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality, in which the shared and public spaces designated by the city plan are recorded. The areas for which the expropriation has not been carried out are prioritized based on criteria regarding the necessity of their acquisition for the wider urban planning of the Municipality, taking into account the time that has passed since the imposition of the systematic expropriation. The results of the new project will be integrated into the already existing Geospatial Information Infrastructure (Geo ICT) developed by GET for the Municipality of Ilion, while they will provided further information to the vertical application that supports the Urban Planning – GET e-POLEO – of the Municipality of Ilion.