The MARRE research project was presented at the annual AGILE 2019 conference (Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe), which was held in Limassol, Cyprus on 17-20 June, 2019. The theme of the conference was Geospatial Technologies for Local and Regional Development. The main topics for the 2019 conference included, among others:

  • Big Spatial Data: Analysis and Visualization
  • Volunteered Geographic Information and Community Observatories
  • Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of GI
  • GIScience and Technology Education and Training

Within this context, the project’s partners, namely, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), University of the Aegean – Department of Marine Sciences and Geospatial Enabling Technologies (GET) participated in the conference, presenting the project of “MARine monitoring system of the Hellenic Seas using REmote sensing satellite data and in-situ measurements”. In particular, the project’s objectives, the data and field measurements, as well as the methodology and the expected results were presented in a poster.

More about the conference material here.