A LIFE ASTI Project Information Day was held in Thessaloniki on Monday, October 7th. The event took place in the Municipal Council Hall of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. It was attended by officials of the municipal departments and other agencies, members of the scientific community, but also citizens. During the meeting, keynote speakers presented topics related to climate change, European climate policies and climate change adaptation strategies, the urban heat island effect but also specifically on the aims and the results of the LIFE ASTI project. 

P. Symeonidis from Geospatial Enabling Technologies presented the LIFE ASTI application platform https://app.lifeasti.eu/. This includes a state-of-the-art web application that presents meteorological data from station and forecasting models as well as an Android mobile application. Information is presented in the form of indices, interactive maps or graphs. Users can have an overview of the thermal and meteorological conditions in the forecast area (Thessaloniki, Rome, Heraklion) and receive high-resolution information at any location that they choose. Similar are the features provided by the mobile application, in which, in addition, registered users will be able to receive also personalized information.