GET implements the website and the Early Warming System following the bid/tender process of the National Observatory of Athens. The project is implemented under the framework of the project “DISARM”: «Drought and fΙre ObServatory and eArly waRning systeΜ» του Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020.
DISARM has as an objective the creation of a business tool for monitoring and forecasting of droughts and forest fires in Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus. Coordinator of the programme is the Environmental Research Institute of the National Observatory of Athens (coordinator of behalf of NOA is Dr V. Kotroni, Research Director), participants are the National Meteorology and Hydrology of Bulgaria, Physics Department of Athens University, Cyprus Meteorological Service and Cyprus Institute.
For this project, GET will reclaim its experience in Environmental / Geospatial Information Systems in order to implement a modern and functional Early Warming System which will serve relative users’ requirements.