GET, in the framework of corporate social responsibility, is pleased to announce that we are actively supportings the AETHER initiative on the monitoring of particulate matter air pollution in the city of Patras.
Suspended particles are one of the key factors affecting human health and changing climatic conditions. Health effects are considered important for a number of respiratory diseases and sensitive population categories, such as the elderly and young children.
The AETHER Network is a monitoring and recording system for particulate matter air pollution in Patras. It was developed in the context of the research activities of the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics of the University of Patras, under the supervision of Professor Andreas Kazantzidis.
It consists of modern IoT sensors for the measurement of suspended particles (PM from 1 to 10 nm), panoramic cameras and an internet platform for sharing of real time air quality data.
GET, with extensive experience and know-how on GeoICT, enviromatics and data analytics, has developed a modern web application for presenting and analyzing the historical measurements. The application, through a simple and highly interactive environment, enables users to visualize the data, compare air pollution levels in different locations, examine their change over time, and find trends and correlations. The application is addressed to both simple users (citizens, high school students) as well as to specialized users (researchers, university students).
The application can be accessed at:

More information about the AETHER project as well access to real time measurements are available at: