Professor of Physics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dimitris Melas presented GET SDI Portal based application for aerial pollution data presentation of the 3D photochemical models at the 3rd Air Quality Workshop organized by TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY at QATAR in Doha, Qatar on the 17th March 2016.
Experts, from research agencies and public sector authorities, on the field of atmospheric pollution in the area of Middle East attended the Workshop.
GET participates at the development of customized tools adapted at the GET SDI Portal environment in order to develop business tools for prediction of atmospheric pollution which will give access to information via web mapping applications, open data infrastructures and business analysis.
GET SDI PORTAL is the perfect environment and interface for 4D data view and analysis (3 dimensions and time) providing mapping and spatial analysis tools based always in common open standards, line OGC (WMS, WFS, WCS).