GET develops for Farmacon SME ( an operational solution which will support sustainable agriculture and good agricultural practices with the use of cutting-edge technology and innovative tools for information analysis and visualization.
This consulting solution will be modular and will complement the existing platform of the SME provided already to the farmer and the consultant agronomist via the FarmaBase, FarmaLearn, FarmaTools and FarmaBlog applications.
The consulting service received in subscription basis and it will be based in contemporary technologies and practices such as:
– Sentinel-2 satellite data analysis in almost real time and automated process for the production of composite remote sensing crop monitoring indicators.
– Environmental parameters through contemporary sensors
– Ground geomorphological mapping in large scale and design of invasive practices based on soil variabilit (variable rate technologies)
– Use of meteorological data and weather forecast models for timely protection and intervention decisions
– Digital edit of image for recognition, prevention and targeted intervention in entomological or phytopathological attacks for various crops
– Exploiting images from multi and hyper=spectral receivers installed in UAV
– Remote hosting
– Subscriber access model
This specialized consulting service will be combined with all the tools required by modern farmer (e.g. assets management, activities timetable/diary, historicity, dynamic interconnection with FarmaBase, FarmaLearn, FarmaTools) so that at the end of crop season the farmer will be able to achieve better performance, input and quality.