GET participated as a subcontractor of the Technical University of Crete in the implementation of the project “DEVELOPMENT OF SPECIAL (EXTERNAL) LARGE-EXTENSION TECHNOLOGICAL ACCIDENT RESPONSE PLANS (S.A.T.A.M.E.) FOR SEVESO FACILITIES IN THE REGION OF CRETE“.

More specifically, GET undertook the implementation of the web platform for the Large-Scale Technological Accident Response Plans (S.A.T.A.M.E.), which hosts the deliverables of the project in a GIS environment. The works carried out included the following:

  • Creation of a Common Database integrating information from multiple sources, related to the SEVESO facilities in Crete.
  • Creation of a Document Repository for Each Facility: related to the organization of files, related to the facilities, in a hierarchical structure and their organization in relation to the response to technological accidents.
  • Creation of a Web Portal: the application was based on the GET SDI PORTAL environment and all project data and results have been integrated to it. In addition to the basic functionalities it supports (i.e. map navigation, search based on descriptive data or spatial criteria, etc.), the application also supports specially adapted functions, such as displaying specific accident scenarios, selecting points of interest within a specific danger zone, etc.

The results of the project have also been integrated in the existing Geospatial Information Infrastructure – S.D.I of the Region of Crete developed by GET, providing to the Region another useful tool and updated Common Operational Picture for the protection of the human life and the safeguarding of property.