GET successfully completed one more project in the field of Local Government and more specifically for the Municipality of Chalandri, a long-term customer, who has acquired an integrated geoinformation infrastructure based on open source technology.

During this project, the existing infrastructure was enriched with new datasets related to digital geo-referenced data (Rematia Study, Urban Planning Studies / Court Decision data, street numbering data as well as actuarial data), completing the Municipality’s archive material with very important data.

In addition, given the maturity of the system and the transfer of know-how to the internal users of the system, applications were developed in order to address specific vertical needs of the Services of the Municipality. More specifically the applications developed were:

  • Application for Street Numbering which allows the automated issuance of a street numbering certificate form
  • Application for Table Seats, through which data and necessary supporting documentation, for the placement of table seats from Health Regulated Establishments, are registered
  • Application for Interconnecting with TCG’s Electronic Licensing System (e- Licensing), which allows the input and processing of data from the system of TCG.

Finally, the documentation and development of a photographic reference background for the rest of the road network of the Municipality was completed. The data were incorporated into the application, which is available through the “Images 360o” module via the existing infrastructure of the web portal of geospatial information of the Municipality, in the version for the executives of the Municipality.

The application allows:

  • viewing the geographical stamps as points on the map
  • point selection
  • preview the 360o image in a standalone window
  • navigation to sequential images in the standalone window
  • the appearance of an orientation arrow on the map