GET in cooperation with the University of Patras under the framework of THERMI-AIR project, conducted for the municipality of Thermi, implements a web application and an Android one as well, that presents air pollution and particulate matters measurements. Users will be able to get detailed information regarding pollution and its recent variance for the selected station, through interactive thematic map, with the use of suitable color scale and other visualization tools, as well as through diagrams and statistics in near real time processing. Depending on the pollution levels, relative explanation and protection measures will be given. Additionally, a forecast page will be included, based on data of the European air pollution forecast system CAMS, provided by Copernicus repository.
GET will reclaim its experience in the development of GIS applications related to sensors measurements, as well as in Copernicus-Sentinel data management, in order to implement a user friendly and useful tool that will provide citizens with air quality information.