Our customers say

The Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Municipality has been implemented with free and open source tools successfully developed by GET and it is an open governance proof as well as an essential infrastructure for a modern smart city.


Symeon Misirologlou

GIS Department Chief, Thessaloniki Municipality

GET provides up-to-date combinational geospatial tools and spatial data contributing to the fast and documented business decision making.


Vassilis Dimarakis

Informatics Director, Copelouzos Group

The Geo-Informatics map of Regulatory Authority of Energy is the first successful project regarding geospatial information disposal to every professional, compatible to the INSPIRE Directive requirements. Free and Open Source Software GET SDI Portal platform which is used, has been the solution for many relative project in Public Governance sector.


Alexandros Capellos

Informatics Director, Regulatory Authority of Energy

Open Data Portal and Spatial Data Infrastructure of our Municipality is a tool for democracy and transparency based on free and open source tools developed by GET, contributing to informatics management policy for citizens and professionals.


Yannis Yannopoulos

Mayor, Municipality of Gortynia

GET contributed effectively to the development of geo-informatics contemporary solution for the Municipal Enterprise of Water and Sewage of Komotini, connecting the current isolated information nodes into a unify management and monitoring environment. Critical decision making related to the operation of strategic planning of our Enterprise is implemented now with the use of the most modern and interactive tools in real time having as a purpose resources saving and customer support.
Dimitris Karastavrou

President, Municipal Enterprise of Water and Sewage of Komotini

GET is a valuable partner of Dafni Network of Sustainable Greek Islands in order to support it for he development of projects and sustainable development policies for Greek Islands. Scientific and technical competence of GET’s team contributes to deal with demanding geospatial issues, moreover the SDI of Dafni Network is a very important tool foe decision making support as well as for Greek island areas complex environment management.


Kostas Komninos

Manager, Dafni Network of Sustainable Greek Islands

Farmasense is an innovative platform for agricultural decisions support (ArgiDSS), in order to guide the farmer and assist decision making for imports optimization. This global solution could not have been realized without GET’s necessary modern geospatial tools.
Dimitris Leonidakis


Dipylon cooperated with GET for the development of an integrated infrastructure for geospatial data management in order to digitally map monumental repository in Athens. The requirements, regarding the design as well as the implementation, were complex and GET fully responded to these particular requirements of this effort
Maria Pigaki

Cartographer, Associate, Dipylon

The last 3 years there is systematic cooperation with GET in order to reconstruct, maintain and expand GIS of the city. Starting from urban planning cases, we have now the asset to manage more complex issues regarding Municipality of Chalandri future. GET’s contribution in department’s works as well as in designing new tools concerning Chalandri city’s next day, permits us to have in our screens a multi-tool which provides reliable information and it is open to everyone, one of the few cases where the meaning of new technology, except for everything else, meets the essence of democracy.
Costas Gerolymatos

Deputy Mayor of the Technical Services, Municipality of Chalandri

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