METEO ( and National Observatory of Athens (, in cooperation with the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET S.A., and  Geospatial Enabling Technologies company (GET, support the Olympic sailing team (with catamaran boats) HELLENIC WIND ( for its efforts to take a very good place in the forthcoming Olympic Games in Rio in Brazil.
For this reason, METEO developed a modern numerical weather forecasting system with very high resolution covering the very specialized needs of the team regarding weather forecast. More specifically, METEO daily produces specified weather forecasts focusing on wind with resolution 200 m x 200 m for each marine racing track where the Olympic Games will take place. The model is repeated every day with instrumental and non observations provided by HELLENIC WIND team for the squeezer area where the races will take place.
Greek Research and Technology Network (www.grnet.grprovides all the necessary super-computing infrastructure for the rapid realization of prospective high resolution through the national supercomputer ARIS (
GET ( provides in real time the data display with contemporary web mapping tools, in all ways that cover the special needs of the Greek sailing team. All the results are available and fully exploitable by all the members of the Hellenic Olympic sailing team.
The project is a sponsorship of METEO/National Observatory of Athens, GRNET and GET for the effective information support of the athletes of the Hellenic team who make their best effort to take a metal in a highly competitive international environment.
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