GET continues to successfully develop projects in the field of Local Government, expanding its clientele and providing its services to new Municipalities.

The Municipality of Rethymnon, another new client, who entrusted GET with the project of “Registering the Properties of the Municipality in GIS” for the Municipality of Rethymnon.

The Directorate of Technical Services of the Municipality of Rethymnon already has a significant amount of spatial data which it has produced in the past with its own resources. These data are directly and indirectly related to the current state of the Municipal Property and are grouped, among others, into:

  • Traffic data with reference per building block
  • Urban planning data
  • Parcels
  • Urban planning and street planning
  • Construction rules
  • Settlement boundaries
  • Spatial development plans

The above-mentioned dataset is a tool for a multitude of users and the goal is to be able to use it without the need for specialized software and training. For this purpose, it is considered necessary to create a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), which will include all the good practices applied to the management of the specific data. Reliability, safe maintenance, rational management, sharing, improving the services provided and saving human and financial resources are the main objectives of this infrastructure.

The scope of the project is the modernization of the management of geospatial information, in order to support planning and decision making. The project initially focuses on the organization of the existing geospatial information, the development of advanced web services for the dissemination of geoinformation to the public (citizens, professionals, engineers), but also the transfer of know-how to municipal staff in order to improve internal management workflows of geospatial data. The infrastructure will be implemented through an information system using free open-source software (FOSS) and advanced web services, following interoperability standards and rules.